William bennett gambling losses

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Skinner —92 James A. Bennett has been a high-roller since at least the early s. Indeed, in recent bemnett word has circulated among Washington conservatives that his wagering could be a real problem.

Lossse do want to be able to bet the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl. In the 's, leaders of the conservative Christian Coalition joined with other religious leaders to create the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling. Good luck with your recovery, Bill. Bennett's gambling is not new. Although if I was the editor I would have played it in Newsweek's Periscope section, not as a word exclusive "scoop. He wishes them good health and greater political acuity in the future. Thirty years ago, gambling was widely understood in bennettt culture to be addictive, progressive and dangerous.

William Bennett, who wrote the best-selling Book of Virtues, has I have also complied with all laws on reporting wins and losses," he said. William J Bennett, author of The Book of Virtues and one of nation's most ''The downside of gambling losses is that the government gets a. William Bennett, secretary of education under Reagan and drug in high-stakes gambling to the tune of as much as $8 million in losses in.

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